4 gadget TIC that a veterinary student should know

4 gadget TIC that a veterinary student should know

Technology is the great ally of science, and the veterinary field is no exception. The tools available to a professional are becoming more numerous, and more precise, hence learning their management in the university ensures proper training of students.

What are the indispensable tools for a veterinary student?

These are some of the devices that technology makes available to a veterinarian, and the experience of one of the students with some of them. 1) The X-Rays
radiografía veterinaria


Veterinarians use x-ray equipment to diagnose fractures and identify gallstones, tumors and foreign bodies that a patient has swallowed. Veterinarians are increasingly using digital X-ray technology, which can store X-ray images on discs for portability and ease of viewing and analysis, and digital images are much clearer than those obtained with traditional film X-ray. 2) Ultrasound equipment The ultrasound equipment is used for non-invasive imaging procedures in the internal organs to detect abnormalities and signs of disease. The ultrasound image is updated 30 times per second, which allows the veterinarian to see the transmission of images of the organ as well as its operation. This material can also be recorded on discs for portability. 3) Injector and microchip reader


The microchip is the animal identification card, identification number or fingerprint of the pet, it is a unique number that shows its property. The injector and the reader are two of the tools of daily use for a veterinarian. It is implanted in dogs and cats under the skin between the shoulder blades of the animal or subcutaneously behind the left ear.   4) The eKuore electronic stethoscope The eKuore smart stethoscope is a practical tool for the diagnosis of a veterinarian in his daily work. In the university field it is a very practical gadget,
Fonendoscopio ekuore

eKuore electronic stethoscope

Teresa Gómez-Tejedor is a veterinary student who uses eKuore in her university practices. Teresa says that eKuore: “It is very easy to use, what I like the most is to be able to record heart diseases to be able to listen to them whenever I want. In addition, the sound is much more expanded than in the classic phonendoscopes”. Each time a greater number of university students use eKuore, as Teresa Gómez-Tejedor assures, “it gives the possibility of being able to record normal and abnormal sounds, both cardiac and respiratory. And so to be able to hear the differences when studying”, and that in their day to day is very practical, without ruling out the classic phonendoscope “because as a student I must learn to take heart and respiratory frequencies without any help. But whenever I hear some possible pathology, I use eKuore to hear it better and record it. I also use it when I cannot auscultate either because the animal is complicated to handle or just that I find it difficult to hear something, “I take eKuore out of my pocket so I it can give me a hand.”
Teresa Gómez

Teresa Gómez using the eKuore electronic stethoscope.

  The benefits of the eKuore electronic stethoscope are, among many others:
  • Allows patient tracking
  • More precise diagnosis.
  • It facilitates learning.
The university practices are a source of anecdotes and Teresa tells us one in which eKuore helped her succeed: “one day in the hospital practices, a teacher asked me to do the entire physical examination to a dog that was hospitalized and to take notes of all the results (mucous, frequencies, temperature … etc) and left me alone with the dog. Of first the dog was not for the work of collaborating, he was very nervous, panting without stopping; I tried to take the heart rate again and again and it was impossible and every time I was getting more nervous, thinking that at any moment the teacher would come to ask me for the results and I could not tell him the heart rate of the dog. When I saw that no matter how much I tried to calm the dog was not going to have any results, I took out ekuore and connected it to my cell phone and in seconds it gave me the heart rate, getting me out of trouble ” To get your electronic stethoscope, Click here.