8 marketing tips for your veterinary clinic

September means the beginning of the school year and it’s a brand new opportunity to ask ourselves ways in which we can make our veterinary clinic marketing better. We must stand out from our competitors, offer an added value to our clients and be able to attract new customers and engage old ones. These tips will help in promoting your veterinary business by simply applying basic marketing concepts. 1. Your clinic must talk about you and your business Do you know what your clinic is saying about you? Make sure it says nice things about your work! Take into account every detail: the cleanliness, the smells, the accessibility… Also, offer your clients a comfortable waiting area in which they feel welcomed. 2. Advertising in your local It’s essential to have a good outdoor business sign that attracts the attention immediately. Posters about your services and communication on the inside of your veterinary clinic are basic, as it is appropriate business cards with all of the contact details needed to make an appointment. Be sure your brand is also present on other places: windows, pens, uniforms… 3. Advertising in media Media isn’t only for big businesses, they are plenty of local and specialized media in which you can advertise. Identify where you can find your audience and choose their favourite media to inform them about your veterinary clinic. 4. Online presence If you aren’t on-line, you don’t exist. It’s important to have a website where people can find all of your basic information and to register your business in Google with all the correct information. Also, it’s a good idea to invest a bit of your time on maintaining your clients informed through social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. 5. By-products Your clinic it’s an opportunity for selling complementary products to your services that enable cross – selling: feed, leashes, pet toys… It will increase your benefits and your clients will find it very useful as they will be able to find everything they need. 6. Services and product packs Elaborate service and product packs to make sure you retain your costumers with interesting offers and facilities. 7. Personalized customer service Clients put their loved pets in your hands. A personalized treat it’s essential to make them feel individually treated and cared. This way you can make your clients returning customers and to thank their trust in you. 8. eKuore eKuore allows you to offer something different to your clients. With eKuore, your clients will be able to listen to their pet’s auscultation, understand their affection and why they need a certain treatment to overcome their disease. Understanding your diagnosis is very important for your clients. Ekuore is an electronic stethoscope with the latest technology that helps clients on the understanding of the veterinarian practice but it also has many other possibilities such us allowing veterinarians to compare the evolution of a certain treatment and show clients how a healthy auscultation sounds compared to the one of their pets.