Advantages of eKuore 6 Lead Digital ECG

An electrocardiogram is performed to graphically record the electrical impulses of the heart during the different phases of the cardiac cycle. Traditional electrocardiographs have certain characteristics that make them very difficult to transport, they must have a continuous power supply, requiring a close plug. The new eKuore 6 lead ECG has very significant advantages over traditional electrocardiographs, starting with the fact that it is portable, uses a battery and eliminates the use of paper, therefore eliminating the 3 main drawbacks of traditional ECGs that we have known so far.

Do you want to know all the advantages of eKuore’s digital ECG compared to traditional electrocardiographs?


1. Portable.

The eKuore 6 lead ECG weighs less than half a kilo and can be carried in a convenient carrying case included in the pack. The fact of being a portable device allows home visits and makes it very easy to carry out a telemedicine service. Electrocardiograma digital completo

2. Remove the paper.

With the new eKuore 6 lead ECG, you can eliminate the use of paper in each electrocardiogram you perform, which will reduce costs and stress derived from the continuous purchase of thermal paper, which is usually specific to each model and changes so often. eKuore’s digital ECG, if you need to see the trace months later, as it is exported in PDF, you can store it in the patient’s clinical file. In the case of traditional electrocardiographs, it is somewhat unthinkable, since, being a thermal impression, in a few weeks, it disappears. In addition, you must store it in a physical place, instead of attaching it to the patient’s digital file.

3. More stable trace.

Compared to traditional thermal paper ECGs, it includes different filters that reduce artifacts on the electrocardiogram. These filters manage to prevent the patient’s breathing or small movements from affecting the signal and making it appear clearer.

4. Smartphone connection

The eKuore 6-lead digital electrocardiogram connects to your smartphone or tablet, where it allows the visualization of the trace and its use in two ways:
  • Use as a monitor.
As a cardiac monitor, it is a very useful tool for use in operation and in post-operative patients. Being a 6-lead ECG, the information obtained is greater than that of a monitor in use and its use can be prolonged for several hours. In addition to having no time limit, you can program warnings for tachycardia and bradycardia, incorporating sounds to monitor the patient’s BPM. It also has two selectable scales (10mm / mV 25mm / s to 50mm / s 5mm / mV) to adapt to the size of the patient
  • Use as an electrocardiograph
The most common use of the EKG is as an EKG machine. In this mode there are recording time periods between which you can choose, 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes, depending on the patient’s need. You can export the result in PDF and send it to a specialist for further study or to obtain an immediate second opinion. electrocardiograma digital por partes

5. Allows telemedicine

Being portable, it is an ideal device for practicing telemedicine. It allows take measurements remotely, and thanks to its small size, it is perfect for home visits or to send the generated PDF to other vets for a second opinion. Along with the 6-lead ECG, you can enjoy the new “eKuore Vet” APP that unifies all eKuore veterinary devices and allows you to keep all the tests carried out with the eKuore devices in the same APP. In addition, you can export the results in PDF, attach them to the patient file or send the tests to a specialist. Download the APP now from ANDROID and iOS by clicking on: Ventajas del ECG Digital conexión Do you need more information about the new APP “eKuore Vet”? This post explains the operation and functionalities of the new eKuore APP With the eKuore 6 lead Digital ECG, you will forget to buy paper for electrocardiographs forever, you can transport it to use it anywhere in the clinic and even outside it, and, in addition, you can connect it with your smartphone or tablet and export the results in PDF. OTHER REFERENCES How to take and read an electrocardiogram with eKuore Digital ECG eKuore launches a new APP that integrates all veterinary devices.