Advantages of the veterinary portable and wireless otoscope

Digital otoscope veterinary

The eKuore digital wireless otoscope with smartphone connection is a very useful tool for veterinarians because it has some characteristics that made the eKuore digital otoscope perfect to change your old otoscope for a wireless one.

Do you want to know how the eKuore otoscope works? We tell you all the details in the following video:


Which are the main features of the digital wireless otoscope?

1. High image quality

The increase in image quality is significant, thanks to the zoom that enlarges up to 500 times the original size. In this way, it is very easy to look inside the ear canal or to visualize other orifices of interest. In addition, the zoom allows veterinarians with vision problems, to visualize in a very comfortable way and with great clarity.


2. Different uses

With the eKuore digital wireless otoscope, it is possible to visualize with high quality, as you can see in the following video the case of mites in a cat’s ear.



Other case in a cat is this buccal suture that was made using the wireless otoscope for better visualization:


3. Connects with Smartphones

By being able to connect it with your Smartphone or Tablet, the eKuore digital otoscope always allows you to have access to the tests carried out, in addition to attaching them to the patient’s file.

In addition, it eliminates the need to be near the patient. Otoscopy can be performed from a distance.

4. Portable

The fact that it is not fixed to a wall, allows greater mobility and can be used anywhere in the clinic, and even on home visits. This allows you to travel to farms, for example, obtaining the same results as in the clinic.


Dog otoscopy with digital wireless otoscope

5. Adjustable light

For greater comfort, the eKuore otoscope has 6 LED lights that allow you to regulate the intensity of the light. Thus, visualizing in small cavities becomes a very simple test to perform and with spectacular image quality.

6. Capture images and videos

With the eKuore digital wireless otoscope, you can have objective tests to show the owner of the patient, in this way, your clients will be more predisposed to accept the treatment by being able to view images and videos of the process.


7. Eliminate the cables

In addition to its easy use, as it does not have cables connected to a continuous power supply, the eKuore otoscope turns out to be a very easy-to-use device that adapts to any place and situation.

To sum up, the digital wireless otoscope is the device that should be in every clinic that wants to improve its communication and retain its customers with a service that differs from other clinics.

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