eKuore Veterinary Cardiac monitor

Digital Veterinary Monitor connected to your smart device

eKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor is fast and easy to use, and there is no need to shave short-haired animals

eKuore Portable Cardiac Monitor

For hospitalisation, vet surgery and post-op monitor and get it to work in 30 seconds

Live streaming

Visualise ECG to monitor directly from your smart device screen

Live Streaming


Record cardiac activity

Store it on your smart device or directly to the patient history file

Record cardiac activity

Share as a PDF

Allowing fast sharing of the cardiac activity PDF in seconds

Share as a PDF

Expect more from your veterinary devices

Long Battery Life

Surgery and post-op monitor

Stream in real time to your smart device, record, share and safely store ECG data on the patient history file

Surgery and post-op monitor

What features would you ask from a veterinary Cardiac Monitor of the 21st century?

Expect more from your digital veterinary devices

Live Cardiac Activity on your smartphone

Allows you to get a 1 lead ECG in just 30 seconds

veterinary cardiac

Surgery and post-op monitor

Stream in real time to your smart device, record, share and safely store ECG data on the patient history file

Vet Cardiac stress test

Allowing you to make remote clinical measurements

veterinary monitor lead

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics.

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What questions do we get asked the most by veterinary professionals?

Thanks to the advanced technology applied to eliminate external artefacts helping the definition of the ECG lines accuracy

It takes less than a minute to get it online and connected to the APP.

One-time-only needed to be set up.

Yes, the artefact filter implementation will help with the accuracy of the generated electrocardiogram

Yes, it’s battery operated and fully portable

Yes, through the “eKuore Vet APP” allows you to store and share the patient’s ECG

The six leads ECG allows you to visualise six leads at the same time for more comprehensive results, and the cardiac monitor only allows you to visualise one

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eKuore Vet APP for all your eKuore Animal Health Devices. You can store the test results on the APP and directly send them to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion or include it on the patient history file.

We develop wireless digital medical devices

To aid in clinical diagnostics and health services of any size.



Charging cable

Long connection cable

Short connection cable 

Disposable electrodes

We know you don't have a minute to waste

For that reason, we have a dedicated team exclusively for veterinary professionals to help you understand our innovative products and solve any doubts you may have.

Information for health professional

Evaluation of a new portable 1-lead digital cardiac monitor (eKuore) in healthy horses

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the feasibility of a novel smartphone ECG device.

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