Veterinary Otoscope

Ekuore Digital Veterinary Otoscope

Digital veterinary otoscope that connects with your smart device

eKuore portable veterinary otoscope is highly precise for safe procedures that can provide us with a tremendous amount of information

Digital Veterinary Otoscope

A magnified view that is wirelessly projected onto the smart device. Our clients can now see what the doctor is seeing. Images can be stored on your patient history file, allowing you to monitor their progress fully

Detailed visualisation

Allows a clear view to clean behind a ruptured eardrum, remove fluid, or retrieve foreign objects from the ear canal

Detailed visualisation


Wireless examination

Easily connected, it allows you to conduct a veterinary otoscopy through your smart device

Wireless examination

High-definition image

Assisting your diagnosis with an excellent quality image

High-definition image

Expect more from your veterinary devices

Long Battery Life

Store and share in real-time

Live stream the veterinary otoscopy and store it in the patient history file

Store and share in real-time

What features would you ask from a veterinary otoscope of the 21st-century?

Expect more from your digital veterinary devices

High definition

Great image quality and x500 zoom

vet otoscope

Portable and wireless

Without the need for wires allows you to perform an otoscopy anywhere

vet otoscope

Adjustable LED Light

For greater precision, it incorporates 4 LED lights, with adjustable intensity

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics.

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What questions do we get asked the most by veterinary professionals?

Yes, up to x500

It takes less than a minute to get it online and connected to the APP.

One-time-only needed to be set up.

It has excellent HD to assist your diagnosis

Yes, with live streaming, you can also store images in the patient history file through the “eKuore Vet APP”

Yes, for greater precisión, it incorporates six LED lights with adjustable intensity

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Advantages of the veterinary portable and wireless otoscope

Do you want to know how the eKuore otoscope works? We tell you all the details in the following video. Avantages of vet Otoscope.

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