Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

eKuore Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

Digital Veterinary pulse oximeter connected with your smart device

eKuore Digital Veterinary Pulse Oximeter improves the efficiency of your clinic’s resources by automatically generating anaesthesia records in PDF

eKuore Veterinary Pulse Oximeter

During post-op monitoring, blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate, maintaining the visual and sound alerts for out-of-range levels established during surgery

Remote monitoring

Easily monitor status during post-op through your smart device

Remote monitoring


Maximise resources

Substitute a multiparameter monitor during low-risk and post-op

Maximise resources

Continuous monitoring

Without having to disconnect the patient during transport of critical patients or during examinations

Continuous monitoring

Expect more from your veterinary devices

Long Battery Life

Visual and sound alerts

For SpO2 and PI out-of-range levels

Visual and sound alerts

What features would you ask from a vet Pulse Oximeter of the 21st-century?

Expect more from your digital veterinary devices

Portable and wireless

Without the need for wires allows you to remote monitor status during post-op

vet pulse oximeter

Enable visual and sound alerts

For out-of-range levels of SpO2 and PI

Generates anaesthesia records

Being able to adjust each period duration (5-10-15 min)

Veterinary professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics

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What questions do we get asked the most by veterinary professionals?

Yes, automatically to a PDF, eliminating the risk of human error

It takes less than a minute to get it online and connected to the APP.

One-time-only needed to be set up.

The device has a battery save function, lowering the screen brightness, allowing the device to last up to 25 hours of uninterrupted use

Yes, at low-risk situations and during post-op

Yes, since the device is fully portable, it allows you to monitor during transport and examinations continuously

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eKuore Vet APP for all your eKuore Animal Health Devices. You can store the test results on the APP and directly send them to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion or include it on the patient history file.

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Pulse Oximeter Pack

eKuore Pulse Oximeter

Connexion cable

SpO2 sensors


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eKuore launches a new APP that integrates all veterinary devices.

Simplicity, practicality, and the improvement of device connectivity are the main pillars on which the development of the new “eKuore Vet” APP.

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