Are electronic stethoscopes useful?

Some people might think that an electronic stethoscope is something that they don’t need in their veterinary surgery, but this type of stethoscope can improve your service and bring many benefits to your patients and clients. Here are some reasons why your next stethoscope should be electronic. Have you ever missed a beat or had to repeat your auscultation because you are not sure if you missed a sound? In comparison to traditional stethoscope, digital stethoscopes have a superior technical quality. Your auscultations can be amplified and filtered enabling you to listen to the most subtle sounds. Also, some electronic stethoscopes, such as eKuore have related apps that offer further information about your auscultation such a phonograms, beats per minute and lung and heart filters. These qualities are time saving and allow more accurate diagnoses.   Electronic stethoscopes also offer the possibility of recording your auscultations, include them on your patient’s record, monitor the evolution of your treatments and even store them as part of your own sound library. Having an auscultations library can turn out to be very useful for future references and to show clients how other auscultations sound in comparison with the auscultation of their own pet. Another interesting benefit it’s being able to share information. Sometimes, the opinion of a colleague might be very convenient. Being capable to record and store your auscultations and their information enables you to share them with other experts through email or WhatsApp, that way you can count with their opinions and find a more precise diagnosis for your patients. An electronic stethoscope can be very advantageous for your procedures, but also with it the veterinarians can share with their clients their job and their auscultations through speakers. It’s an easy way to help clients on the understanding of the diagnosis and to make them feel safe about the professionalism of the veterinarian. When clients understand the procedures and the judgment of veterinarians, they are more receptive to accept certain treatments, to trust their veterinarian and to become a returning customer. Without any doubt, an electronic stethoscope can be very useful and something to consider before buying your next stethoscope.