eKuore Second Quarter 2020

eKuore improved its results, with an exponential increase in sales during a pandemic and the lockdown of the entire world.

eKuore endoscope use cases

The eKuore digital endoscope is a veterinary device that gives us certain advantages over other endoscopes on certain occasions.

The Phonocardiogram

A Phonocardiogram (PCG) is a graphic record in the form of a wave in which you can see the heart sounds obtained with a stethoscope.

Your dog, ready for the holidays

July and August arrive, the holidays for the family, and our dog is one more, so we must prepare it because it will have more activity than in winter.

Why use mHealth?

Mhealth, short for “Mobile Health”, is, as its name suggests, a way of integrating technology through mobile solutions to the healthcare sector.

eKuore. Tested by professionals

eKuore is a wireless stethoscope that allows audio transmission of auscultation to smartphones and audio devices thanks to Bluetooth technology.