Benefits of the electronic stethoscope at primary attention

The family doctor or primary care is a major figure in the health and population’s healthcare. It is usually the first care filter, who receives the patient for the first time and with its clinical criteria solves the health problem or initiates a clinical process guiding the patient through the medical specialists. In addition, it is the doctor to whom the patient returns every time he or she suffers any illness. The electronic stethoscope EKuore Pro is a simple device that introduces the primary care physician in modern medicine. Thanks to its easy handling and its multiple functions, the digital stethoscope gives the consultation a great resolution capacity. The digital stethoscope is lightweight (150 gr)wireless and can be connected to the doctor’s smartphone. It is a great technology of easy use that allows the doctor:

#1 Precision in the diagnosis.

  • Amplifies the sound. The electronic stethoscope allows general practitioner to hear the sounds of auscultation clearly. It is beneficial for the diagnosis of the doctor both in the case of weak sounds and in the case of doctors with hearing loss. In this case it can be used with helmets for doctors with cochlear implants and connect jack output or a Phonak via Jack.
  • Visualize the phonogram. The doctor can connect via Wi-Fi the electronic stethoscope with your smartphone (and/or tablet) and while listening to the auscultation can visualize the phonogram to contrast with this double source of information its impressions.
  • Pulmonary-Cardiac Filter. The clinician can apply the electronic stethoscope filter that adapts to the respiratory or cardiac sounds to collect the specific sounds. This feature facilitates and complements the patient’s exploration.

#2  Immediate second opinion.

  • Record and send the auscultation. Through the app that includes the digital stethoscope, the doctor can record and send the auscultation to another partner to receive a second opinion immediately and make a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Simultaneous listening. The doctor can connect the digital stethoscope to a loudspeaker and share the auscultation with another companion to obtain a second opinion.

#3  Avoid visits to the specialist.

  • Improves system efficiency and quality. Thanks to the information that the electronic stethoscope provides, the primary care physician can emit a precise diagnosis well by the resourcefulness of the stethoscope, either because it allows a second immediate opinion. The family doctor avoids sending the patient to the specialist to perform other tests. This results in the reduction of unnecessary costs in favour of the efficiency of the health system and the quality of patient care.

#4  Referral to emergencies or specialist.

  • Consultation and playback. In the case of a serious pathology, such as a heart murmur, emergency physicians and/or cardiologists may receive the auscultation by the primary care physician, and they can consult it and reproduce it even before the patient arrives. It allows them to know the state of the patient they are going to receive.

#5  Monitoring of the patient’s objective evolution.

  • Archive auscultation in clinical history. Practitioner can save patient’s auscultation in the digital medical history, which allows him to faithfully consult the evolution of the patient at each medical visit. It is a completely objective method of consultation.

#6  Telemedicine

  • Remote consultation.  EKuore’s digital stethoscope enables doctor to practice telemedicine. In real time, he can give to the nurse the indications about the realization of the auscultation, even to the patient himself, and receive it at the moment. This functionality avoids a patient’s movement or a home visit. GP can reproduce the auscultation and diagnose from the point where he is located. It is very useful in the case of follow-up of chronic COPD patients..

#7  Element of differentiation.

  • Medical distinction and prestige. Electronic stethoscope is a design, technological and effective device that causes a positive and avant-garde image of the doctor who attends them.
The intelligent electronic stethoscope is a pioneering device that improves the quality of care and gives an image of solvency to the patient about the professional who uses it. So that is distinguished positively from the competition. EKuore’s Intelligent Digital Electronic Stethoscope brings great resolution and versatility to general practitioner. It allows the doctor to increase his resolution, improve the health care quality and retain the patient.