Benefits of using smart stethoscope in private clinics.

Private clinics have a great and qualify team of professionals and specialist, but even then, they have to make an extra effort to obtain new patients, because private clinics offers a service which is already cover for public sector.  A private clinic has to be constantly growing and investing in new technologies, to be much more effective in every field. The  smart electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro is the gadget that every private clinic or private doctor has to have. You can connect the stethoscope to mobile devices via WiFi and it includes innovative utilities that become benefits and advantages for the professional development and to be different from the competition.

#1. Share the auscultation.

The smart stethoscope allows the professionals to record, play and share the information to get a second opinion immediately.
  • The smart stethoscope is the perfect tool for marketing. The parents want to know and share any detail of the infancy of their children. The fact of being able to record and share the listening with the parents of the beats (or respiration) of its children generates a big acceptance and positive emotiveness.
  • Also improve the perception of the professional, increase the performance and the comprehension.
  • It allows sharing the auscultation with other professional to obtain a second opinion immediately.

#2. Improve the efficiency.

The smart stethoscope has been engineered to improve the efficacy, both for diagnosis and follow-up of the patient’s evolution.
  • Quick communication between professionals because you can include the sound in the medical history.
  • Get more objective details, you can listen the record auscultation as often as required.
  • Follow the patient. You can compare the patient evolution objectively in two different time periods.
  • The stethoscope allows amplifying 20 times the sound respect a normal stethoscope, which allows you to adapt the auscultation to hearing needs..

#3. Quick and precise diagnosis.

You can visualize the graphic and compare it with a data base to get an objective diagnosis.
  • It allows pulmonary and cardiac filter application to facilitate the pathologies detection cardio respiratory.
  • Send quickly the auscultation to the specialist or share your doubts in clinical meetings.
  • Every bell possesses the technical characteristics for the listening of adult, pediatric patients and neonatal.

#4. Powerful marketing tool.

It´s a huge marketing tool because you can share experiences with your patients in private clinics.
  • The smart stethoscope eKuore Pro features an ergonomic design that simplifies its use by health care professionals
  • You can see the phonocardiogram at the same time that you are auscultating your patient.
  • Now you can offer something different in your medical consultation.
smart-stethoscope-ekuore-pro If you need further information to purchase or to distribute our product, you can buy the smart stethoscope here