What stethoscope is the best for nurses hard of hearing?

One of the most important tools for health professionals is the stethoscope. The moment to choose a new stethoscope essential, and you must consider a lot of variables, even more if the nurse or doctor have hard of hearing. In general, take a long time for people to recognise that they have hearing loss and more if a part of his job to diagnosticate your patients for the hearing perception. In hearing loss cases is very important to get an electronic stethoscope, that can be connected with hearing aids if the future will need this functionality. In this article, we are going to see all this thing and which stethoscope is the best for nurses hard of hearing.

1. The kind of patients that you treat

It is different if you are working in the cardiology area or paediatric ward because patient size is diverse in each case. It´s important to get a stethoscope made for your specific area or that can be adapted for different patient sizes, The eKuore Pro has different chestpieces that adapts to your working area and all your patients, because it has interchangeable chestpieces, and it´s perfect for every department. It avoids the necessity to have different stethoscopes; one is enough for every patient.

2. The work environment

It´s different if there is a calm environment, an emergency room or paediatrics because the environment affects the stethoscope sound. In noisy environments, the background sound will be higher, and the auscultation will have less quality. If you work in a noisy environment, an amplified electronic stethoscope, used with headphones can be perfect to isolate the background sound and improve the auscultation sound.

3. Amplification necessity.

People necessities are different and depend on the type and hearing loss grade. For people that have hearing loss but don´t need hearing aids, the best solution is an amplified stethoscope, used with headphones that cut off the background noise. The amplified electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro amplified the sound 10 dB. More than a traditional one and allows the connection with hearing aids. clinical sesiones stethoscope ekuore pro

4. The best solution for you

The electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro offers a lot of different connection forms to be adapted to the nurse or doctor necessities, depending on the situation and the case of every professional and patient. It´s possible to use the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope with a lot of different types of connections. From the simple one, connecting directly the stethoscope to earbuds; or with the full one, that allows you to save and share the sound to listen it later or send it to a specialist to get an immediate second opinion. In the case that the hearing loss is severe, to find the best solution for the health professional can be challenging. It´s important to know the type of hearing aid that is being used, there are hundreds of different hearing aids that should be considered and if it´s closed or open fit. The types of connections will be determinated for this. The amplified electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro can be connected in many ways so that you can find the best one for you.

Jack connection – Amplified stethoscope


Wireless connection – Amplified stethoscope

wireless-connection-amplified-electronic-stethoscope Other feature to keep in mind in some hearing aids it is that they are not able to amplify lower frequencies and requires the adjustment of the hearing aid configuration by the audiologist. Nurses are usually the patient first contact, so they need tools that facilitate the doctor work, reducing waiting times by being able to send the auscultation directly to the specialist, earning valuable time. This way, the health system is more efficient. To sum up, we can affirm that the amplified electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro is the best solution for people with hearing loss. The eKuore Pro amplifies 10 dB, and it´s possible to connect it with hearing aids if you need it in the future.