Digital pediatric stethoscope advantages

Ekuore digital stethoscope supposes a electronic stethoscope great tool to pediatricians in diseases detection. Pediatrics patients suffer their own type of diseases. But the difference with adults is their early age. Pediatrics are not able to explain the doctor their symptoms. And it makes harder to diagnose them. For that reason, pediatric digital stethoscope is a useful complement for pediatrician, about patient’s anamnesis:

#1. Fits the patient

Pediatric Chest piece. Pediatric digital stethoscope brings different easily interchangeable chest piece. Between them there are a pediatric chest piece (medium size) and infant chest piece (small size). Each one of them have the right specifications to practice effective auscultation.

#2. Cardiac / Pulmonary Filter

Collect the appropriate sounds. Ekuore Pro electronic stethoscope has a ‘one click filter’ that focus the device on the listening of cardiac or respiratory sounds. That is a very important matter to an early diagnosis. It facilitates the etiology of the disease: arrhythmia, tachypnea, myocardial dysfunction, pericarditis, crackles.

#3. Growth monitoring

Record, store and consult.  The cardio respiratory health in the childhood is very important because it influences children growth. Monitoring patient. Digital pediatric stethoscope allows pediatrician an exhaustive follow-up of his patients. In its functions it records the auscultation, it stores auscultation in the patient medical record and it facilitates the test consultation. These properties let pediatricians an objective illness growth monitoring about their patients. pediatra-estetoscopio-digital  

#4. It documents the test thanks to the recording of sound and display of the phonogram

Sound recording and visualization of the phonocardiogram. Both can be played, listened and viewed via mobile phone (or laptop) of the doctor through WIFI connection. This function, that includes eKuore Pro, enables the pediatrician check the graphics and sound evolution of the patient’s auscultation. It allows a more objective complementary and visual information that helps the pediatricians make sure in their diagnosis.

#5.It facilitates an immediate second opinion and referral among specialists

Auscultation can be sent. Pediatrician, using electronic stethoscope, can record the auscultation and send it to another doctor for diagnosis and a second opinion in case of willing to contrast a clinical decision. The pediatrician can also send the test to cardiologist or pulmonologist thanks to the functions of the digital stethoscope eKuore Pro. In this way, clinical times in early detection of pediatric diseases and its therapeutic approach are reduced.

#6. Powerful tool to share experiences and humanize the health graba-fonendoscopio-electronico-ekuore-pro

Emotive experience. The eKuore Pro digital stethoscope offers the pediatrician a powerful tool of humanization of the clinical event. Making of the auscultation an emotive experience among parents, its children and the pediatrician. Thanks to live playback through the connection of the stethoscope with speakers. This way, simultaneous playback allows pediatrician to share with parents the sound of the heartbeat of the child in each of the consultations. As well as explaining to parents more easily and understandingly the pathology suffered by their child. Auscultation as a remembering. Besides, the pediatrician can send the auscultation to the parents so that they can keep it as one of the very first memories of their child.

#7. Grants innovation and differentiation/private clinics

New Technology. Medicine of the 21st century is characterized by the incorporation of technology to gain effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Also, the implementation of the latest advances gives a cutting-edge image and solvency to the clinics, consultations and doctors who use them. Therefore, technological tools such as the electronic stethoscope serve as an element of differentiation and recognition to those who use them in medical care, acquiring higher quality and added value. All these features make the electronic stethoscope a very useful tool in the pediatric consultation. The eKuore Pro is the smart digital stethoscope that can be connected to the mobile phone or laptop and brings to the auscultation of the modern medicine. It is a dynamic, simple and lightweight tool (150 gr only) that provides the most resourcefulness consultation.