eKuore arrives at the French market at the FranceVet congress

FranceVet The eKuore wireless electronic stethoscope has entered the French market since June, through the “FranceVet“, the largest veterinary appointment in the French country. After having other positive experiences by exports to the English market, it is now the turn for the French market. In the contest that was held in Paris, 250 exhibitors of different nationalities were cited, and according to the data of the organizers in 2014, 90% of the veterinarians that visited the fair had new providers for their clinics. Those responsible for eKuore have on these days made a round of visits throughout Europe having been able to close with commercial actions in Denmark to open this market.
Stand de eKuore en FranceVet

eKuore stand in FranceVet

Rubén López, CEO of eKuore has assured that the French “is a mature and attractive market for a product like ours, with a high component of innovation and technology, we hope to open the doors to commercialization in France through this first action and with commercial agreements that we are going to close “. eKuore is the first phonendoscope on the market capable of transmitting auscultation to smartphones, tablets and audio equipment. In addition, it measures the beats per minute, records the auscultation and filters the sound of the heart or lungs, with an entirely Spanish technology. If you want further information about the eKuore Vet electronic stethocospe, please contact us, filling the contact form: [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]