eKuore endoscope use cases

The eKuore digital endoscope is a veterinary device that gives us certain advantages over other endoscopes on certain occasions. It has the great advantage of being able to be connected to a Tablet or Smartphone, and thus be able to show the owner of the pet the problem at a very low cost. According to Edgar Wefer of the Vivaria Clinic in Valencia, the eKuore digital endoscope has been especially useful in three specific cases:

1. Emergency colonoscopies

The eKuore endoscope was advantageous to him in an emergency colonoscopy of a cat that had eaten a foreign body. With the cat under sedation and the eKuore endoscopic camera, he was able to observe the presence of a foreign body and remove it with a clamp. In addition, he made a review of the animal’s digestive tract, since, in the case of a cat, it is possible to perform a complete colonoscopy as long as the colon is prepared.

2. Visualize foreign bodies

In the case of exotic animals, such as rodents, the eKuore endoscope allows you to see the state of the teeth as it is a difficult place to access without the need for sedation in many cases. In the case of a turtle that swallowed a foreign body, it could even access the animal’s stomach through the endoscopic camera.

3. Esophagoscopies

The last case that Edgar tells us that the camera has been a great help to him, was in an esophagoscopy of a small dog to quickly get out of doubt if the problem was an ulcer or cauterization. With a little sedation, in a few minutes he could see what the problem was.

Other benefits of the endoscope

The camera comes with a very flexible tube and the path that the tube allows us is the one that will allow us to access the animal and how far. Just by inserting the camera into the tube, which will serve as a guide, to obtain a clear image. Another advantage of the product is that, while being able to go watching, you can go recording and thus, teach and explain to the customer what it was and even share the recording in a simple way. It is a very useful tool to be able to pull it at certain times.

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