eKuore expands into Taiwan and strengths its presence in Europe

As part of the expansion strategy of the business, eKuore opens its international market to Taiwan through a distributor partnership that has already given positive results in sales. This has been the company’s first step to open up the Asiatic market to products with high ICT components for the sanitary industry. Through its intuitive app, eKuore, enables to visualize, record and monitor in mobile devices the complete information of every auscultation with PCGs and other resources. eKuore is also solidifying its presence on the European scene. The business has recently signed an agreement with the Belgian veterinary business Ecuphar for the distribution of eKuore in Spain.


Ecuphar is a young but growing business that develops its own veterinary products and collaborates with other enterprises. Its strategy is to become one of the main players in the veterinary segment in Europe. At the moment, Ecuphar works with over 130 veterinary drugs and its partnership with eKuore reinforce the presence of both companies in the veterinary sector