eKuore gets the certifications for the electronic stethoscope

Its establishment represent an improvement for health system, because it´s going to reduced unnecessary consultation

More than a year of procedures by the people responsible, the spanish “start-up” eKuore mHealth Devices, one of the proyects which participated in the first edition of “Lanzadera”, gets all the certifications to produce and commercialize the first digital wireless stethoscope in health system. It´s become a milestone for a young company. Produce and commercialize license of sanitary products it´s hard to get. They need the “Spanish agency of Medicine and Sanitary Products” license, the 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 ISO, and the 93/42/EEC CE of the smart stethoscope.. INNOVATIVE ADVANTAGES AND PROFIT The electronic smart stethoscope eKuore Pro is the first one able to record, play and share the auscultation sound by an APP. This allow to the healthcare professionals reduced the uncertainly level and gets a more precise diagnosis, thanks to the possibility of contact with an specialist immediately. electronic-stethoscope-ekuore-pro In fact, represent an improvement for health system, because it´s going to reduced unnecessary consultation. You can get already your digital stethoscope here. eKuore CEO, Rubén López, indicates that, “this opportunity means an exponential change for the company situation. Now we can enter in the sanitary market, which is between eight and ten times bigger than veterinary market” In other hand, this young “start-up” has received the European Commission´s seal of excellence in the previous announcement of the Horizon Programme 2020. Horizon 2020 is helping to achieve this with its emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. FUTURE AND NEW PROJECTS.  eKuore has strengthened its presence in the Telemedicine field, after achieving an agreement with SensiCardiac. eKuore and SensiCardiac will jointly work on an mHealth project. SensiCardiac is a South African company that specialises in auscultation. SensiCardiac can save, send, and analyse heart sounds. It achieves this through its diagnostic algorithm, developed by them, that interprets the sound and determines whether there is a murmur in a patient. One future project for eKuore is creation of a new platform for negative diagnosis, which will allow the sanitary professionals to detect when patient has any cardiac pathology. This tool won´t make a diagnosis, it will make easier to detect cardiovascular diseases.