eKuore gets financial aid from IVACE through the CREATEC-CV

eKuore is celebrating the financial backing of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitive (IVACE) to awarding of subventions of the “CREATEC-CV” program for projects of new business creation with technological base. The chosen project is the development of a new electronic stethoscope that will detect pulmonary diseases in a joint project with a huge pharmaceutical. The grant will cover the 50% of the total expense. The total amount received is 54.750,75€ and this expense covers the development of the project personnel and the external services for regulatory rules of the product. The project includes inside of the enterprise trajectory of electronic stethoscopes development and paves the way to the next steps in the pre-diagnosis field, where the company was working on time ago. In this stage, that was covered between May 2017 and March 2018, eKuore cover a part of the global project in which is working till 2013. This project had been received financial backing from IVACE through the program “Digitaliza CV”. This project had been received backing from European Union for the PO FEDER project of the Valencian Community 2014-2020. IVACE-FEDER-ekuore-estetoscopio-digital-electronico