eKuore – High technology touches animals’ hearts

A digital developer company launches eKuore an electronic stethoscope that can be connected with smartphones and capable of capturing even the most subtle auscultations in high definition. eKoure’s mission is to take medical devices to the next level and on to the digital era, enabling auscultations monitoring and more accurate diagnoses. The device counts with excellent reviews and is already trusted by top universities and veterinary institutions – such as the veterinary service of the largest aquariums in Europe, the Oceanogràfic. The stethoscope enables to display, record and monitor the complete information of every auscultation on mobile devices through PCGs and other resources. Also, it allows clients and patients to listen to the auscultation and facilitates their understanding of a diagnosis. “With it, I can show my patient’s owners any unusual sound and make them understand why it’s important to carry on with further treatments or procedures”, explains the veterinary cardiologist Juan Carlos Jimenez. Another interesting feature about the product, it’s the possibility of sharing your auscultations and being able to have the opinion of other colleagues on your diagnosis. The technology of eKuore has also made a change in the educational institutions. Major universities use eKuore to share auscultations with their pupils. “It’s very interesting to register and monitor auscultations and to be able to share them with my students”, says the veterinary professor Laura. This way, students can have their own library of auscultations contributing to its professional development. This digital stethoscope it can be used Wireless. Monica Valls, veterinary of the Oceanogràfic highlights that this feature, it’s especially useful for the veterinary practice. “”It is far more practical and versatile than traditional stethoscopes for both the veterinarian and the coach”, remarks Monica. eKoure has changed the paradigm of auscultation on the medical procedures. Technology at its finest has made of this stethoscopes a must for higher institutions and professionals. Its contribution to the professional development of the veterinary practice, allows eKuore to reach animals’ hearts and the veterinaries appreciation.