eKuore participates in a veterinary congress in Spain, SEVC-AVEPA

eKuore will participate this week in the most important veterinary congress in Spain, SEVC-AVEPA, which takes place in Barcelona from October 15th to October 17th. The eKuore smart stethoscope will once again be the protagonist in the commercial part of this event in the stand that the firm will have, with the main novelty has been launched on the market a few weeks ago, the cardiology studies. Cardiological studies are a very useful tool for veterinarians, since in those cases in which a second opinion is needed, or an opinion of a specialized veterinary cardiologist, we have two options: send it to another veterinary center in the area, proposing the displacement to the owner, or remit all the tests that we have done to a tele-diagnosis service to have the advice in the clinic itself. The advantages of having this tele-diagnosis service associated with the eKuore smart stethoscope are multiple for veterinarians and for pet owners. In addition, eKuore has the renowned veterinary cardiologist Montse Rabanal as a specialist for reports. The CEO of eKuore, Rubén López, has assured that SEVC-AVEPA is today “the best national forum with international repercussion to promote the commercialization of eKuore, since last year we got a good impact, and with the innovations that we bring this year we trust that it will be one of the attractions for veterinarians. The eKuore smart stethoscope is the first capable stethoscope of transmitting auscultation to smartphones, tablets and audio equipment. In addition, it measures the beats per minute, records the auscultation and filters the sound of the heart or lungs, with an entirely Spanish technology. The Congress, organized by the Spanish Association of Veterinarians, has 9 conference rooms with more than 80 speakers, all renowned international specialists, as well as an extensive commercial exhibition with a variety of international companies. Congregates hundreds of specialists and companies from all over Europe, being one of the most important appointments in the sector, nationally and internationally. In the commercial area, about 130 firms will offer their products and services, and the organization expects around 5000 accredited professionals, of which 40% are international.