eKuore presents the efficiency of the Smart digital stethoscope

  • A pioneer device that connects with the Smartphone and offers many features to improve the resourcefulness.
  • It allows to send the auscultation in real time and to get an immediate second opinion.
  • Applies lung / heart filters to adjust to the pathological sounds of and it makes possible to visualize the phonogram.
The health technology company eKuore presents the efficiency of the innovative digital smart stethoscope in the most important Pediatric event of the year, the 65th congress of the Spanish Pediatrics Association (AEP). The event will take place at the Palacio de Congresos of Galicia in Santiago de Compostela during days 1, 2, 3 and 4 of June and it will gather more than 2,000 pediatricians from all national, on behalf of a collective of more than 9,000 pediatricians. eKuore faces the objective of contributing to scientific and technological interest to pediatric appointment with its innovative diagnostic tool, the smart electronic eKuore Pro stethoscope. A novel and functional device that has made possible to introduce the technique of auscultation in modern medicine of the 21st century. Perfect for  pediatricians The smart digital stethoscope is a wireless and lightweight device (150 gr) that performs numerous functions that contribute to facilitate the diagnosis and follow-up of the patient’s pediatrician. It is also possible to connect it to the Smartphone or Tablet of the pediatrician to increase its functionality. The pediatrician can increase the volume of the sound of the auscultation of the patient. In the case of pediatric and infant patients it is useful to clearly hear weak sounds of the heart and lungs. It allows exchanging chest pieces to use the most appropriate in each case (pediatric and infant chest piece) and to apply filters to pick up the sounds of the respiratory and vascular system.       Thanks to the digital stethoscope the pediatrician can record the auscultation, keep the test in the patient medical history and send it to another pediatrician or specialist to obtain an immediate second opinion. In the case of diseases which requires a follow-up of the patient, the pediatrician can check in the patient’s medical history and reproduce the auscultation again, which allows a real knowledge of the state and evolution of the patient. Another of its functions is the simultaneous listening though the connection to a speaker, what allows to listen the test in-situ with other colleagues or with the parents of the patient. All these functions are intended to complement the auscultation providing more information, resolution, efficiency and effectiveness in the diagnosis and follow-up of the patient. It is also very useful for the practice of telemedicine since it allows the pediatrician send and/or receive the auscultation from the place the doctor is. It is also useful for pediatricians who suffer hearing loss. In this way, eKuore wants to contribute with its intelligent digital stethoscope in the National Congress of Pediatrics that is held in a city with a tradition of university teaching for more than 500 years of history.