eKuore Touch

Available March 2022

Imagine you can manage recordings on the device, synchronise them with eKuore Medical App to share recordings to a mobile device or store them to patient records
- Pss! Not a question.


There’s no need to connect it to any device for auscultations.


AutoSync, ready for auscultations with a single click.

Eliminates subjective diagnosis

Allowing you to record auscultations for a second opinion.

Minimizing infection risk

* Airpods not included

Connect to your Bluetooth earphones to maintain a safe distance with your patients.

Interchangeable chestpieces

For hygienic purposes, neonatal, paediatric and adult auscultations.


Fits in your pocket.

Weight 80g without chestpieces

Designed by and for health professionals

Available March 2022