European device revolutionizes equine auscultations

eKuore is the first wireless electronic stethoscope pairable with smartphones. Its technology captures every sound enabling reliable auscultations on noisy environments. The instrument will be available at BEVA Congress at the special price of 250 £. A Spanish brand of technological health devices, eKuore, will take its electronic stethoscope to the biggest equine congress in Europe. The Liverpool Arena will host from the 9th to the 12th of September the BEVA Congress that expects to gather over 1.200 general veterinarians and specialized equine professionals. eKuore’s stethoscope is the first wireless electronic stethoscope pairable with smartphones, tablets and sound equipment. BEVA Congress is one of the best exhibitions for eKuore as their stethoscope is especially useful for bigger animals. Its wireless feature makes the diagnosis through auscultations easier for veterinarians and animals. This stethoscope allows to amplify and record auscultations in high resolution and filter unnecessary ambient sounds facilitating an accurate diagnosis at noisy environments. Also, through its intuitive application, ekuore, enables to display, record, monitor and share the complete information of every auscultation on mobile devices through PCGs and other resources. The device celebrates his first year on the market with great results. Technology at the service of the most important, health, makes that leading universities and recognized professionals, as the Veterinary Department of the Oceanogràfic, trust Ekuore.