How the amplified electronic stethoscope help professionals with hearing aids?

In individual cases as professionals with hearing loss, eKuore has developed the digital amplified stethoscope, which allows adjusting the sound collected on the auscultation with substantial amplification and quality. In this way, auscultation hearing loss impediments disappear.

The amplification of the eKuore stethoscope is significantly high in relation to the not amplified version, the eKuore Pro digital stethoscope. Even more, the amplified electronic stethoscope has numerous connection ways; it can be connected directly with your hearing aids or cochlear implant. That way you don´t need to take off your hearing aids when you need to auscultate, as happen with others amplified stethoscopes that aren´t thinking about this cases.

#1. Amplified electronic stethoscope use cases.

The amplified stethoscope for hearing impaired is perfect for the next types of hearing impairments:

  1. Presbycusis is the cumulative effect of ageing and is most marked at higher frequencies. The amplified stethoscope is prepared to have again satisfying auscultations, improving especially high and low frequencies.
  1. Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem conducting sound waves along the outer ear or middle ear. The conductive hearing loss makes all sounds seem faint or muffled and is worse in low frequencies. The amplified stethoscope can be connected with your hearing aid directly, which eliminates the problem that you need to deactivate the hearing aid to listening through the headphones.
  2. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is the type which the cause lies in the inner ear or sensory organ. The amplified stethoscope for cochlear implant allows you to auscultate again without problems.

The amplified stethoscope for hearing impaired is adapted to your needed and your hearing aid or cochlear implant, with special frequencies ranges.


#2. Which allows the amplified electronic stethoscope?

  1. Its first purpose is to amplify the sound.
  2. It allows connecting your hearing aids by Jack cable or be connected to your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Save and share the auscultation thanks to the possibility of record. It allows to follow-up every patient.
  4. With the amplified stethoscope can apply cardiac or respiratory filters to focus the auscultation on the type of sound that we want to.
  5. Even more, you can get three different chestpieces: neonatal, paediatric and adult, which make it perfect for a paediatrician, cardiologists, pulmonologist, etc.

#3. Types of connection of the amplified stethoscope. Which one is my solution?

The eKuore amplified stethoscope is adapted to your cochlear implant or hearing aids. There are two modes to connect the amplified stethoscope, by Jack cable or wireless.

  1. Jack cable connection with the amplified stethoscope. There are three ways:
  • Jack + Headphones
  • Jack + interface hearing aids + hearing aids
  • Jack + cochlear implant


  1. Wireless connection with the amplified stethoscope:
  • Wifi + smartphone + Bluetooth + Hearing aids / headphones / interface receiver
  • Bluetooth transmitter + Bluetooth + hearing aids / headphones / interface receiver


From eKuore, we recommended Jack cable connection directly to the interface receiver because it is the quickest and safest way.

#4. Audiologist service.

We offer an audiologist adviser who has made some auscultation specific configurations to provide customized solutions for every user. Our team programmed specific frequencies into a customized solution for your needs and your hearing aid or cochlear implant.

The amplified electronic stethoscope is the perfect solution for a cardiologist, paediatricians, pulmonologist, primary healthcare doctors (PHC), etc. that has problems in auscultation process.

Is the best way for that doctors hearing impaired, with partial or progressive inability to hear, is not necessary hearing aids or for doctors with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Even more, there are a lot of types of connection to get a personalised solution.