How to integrate the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope in telemedicine projects

Clinical healthcare from a distance is every day more demanded, especially in rural areas or with difficult access to medical services due to the necessity of connecting health to remote areas. Telehealth devices are tools made to capture medical data and send it to a medical professional at another location, without the need to move the patient. Currently, a lot of insurance and telehealth companies are investing in this kind of devices, because it will mean saving money in the future in the healthcare area. It´s calculated that in 2020 more than 50 million users will use medical monitoring through telehealth (Luis García Ordóñez, Health Sales Manager of AXA PARTNERS) Also, the necessity of getting objective tests between two doctors (specialist and not specialist) is essential in places where there are accesses to health services. This way, it is minimizing the possibilities of getting the wrong diagnosis, something inconceivable with a traditional stethoscope.

What allows the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope for telehealth?

The eKuore Pro digital stethoscope, thanks to the capacity to be integrated with third-party software, allows being used in telehealth. It makes possible to record the auscultation and send it to a specialist in a few seconds. Even more, it allows to follow up the patient evolution in an objective way because you can keep the auscultation information. eKuore Pro is a telehealth device that allows being used directly from the stethoscope, without any internet connection needed. The electronic stethoscope has an audio jack output and the possibility of increase or decreases the volume.

Auscultate, register and communicate through the APP or third-party software.

The telemedicine stethoscope eKuore Pro is connected by WiFi directly to your smartphone or tablet (Android e iOS). The benefits of the telehealth stethoscope become it in the ideal device for telemedicine.

Types of integration with eKuore Pro Stethoscope

1. Record and send the auscultation

The main benefit of the telemedicine stethoscope eKuore Pro is that allows to record and register through the APP (iOS & ANDROID). Besides, is possible to send the auscultation and share it, for get a distance diagnosis. This made of the eKuore Pro the ideal device for telemedicine. There are numerous possibilities of sending the auscultation, via Gmail or APPs that allows docs exchange as Drive or Dropbox and need an internet connection. Also, the audio recorder is very easy, because is recorded in .wav and you can listen the sound in many audio players. This send system reduces the waiting time to get a diagnosis and, the patient can start the treatment as soon as possible, improving the efficiency of the health care system.

2. Integrate eKuore Pro with others external systems (API)

Even more, allows the integration with third-party software. The eKuore Pro API in a programming interface through which you could develop your software to connect and manage the stethoscope eKuore Pro from your system or telemedicine platform, without the need of using our APP. It is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS.

What does it allow you to do?

  • Simple connection/disconnection
  • Audio streaming to play it in real time
  • Audio streaming to draw it in real time
  • wav files
  • Audio player

3. Send the auscultation in streaming

Finally, we find available with the telemedicine stethoscope eKuore Pro the possibility to send the auscultation sound in streaming. This isn´t the most recommended option but is possible with devices that had double data card (some PCs or windows tablet can do it). This way, share the auscultation information, reduce waiting time in diagnosis and treatment.  

Successful cases



eKuore participated in a telemedicine project along with Oxford University that tries to reduce the infant mortality due to lung diseases, because this is the primary cause of death under the age of 5. Early detection of pneumonia is essential and the telemedicine electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro is ideal for this project. Combining these with other essential symptoms, Feebris identifies pneumonia and determines severity.  


eKuore is present in a telemedicine project that was born in India. Its objective is to check the health of big companies’ workers in just 15 minutes. This system will reduce waiting times to verify the health condition of the workers and the time that they receive the treatment. This way, the gravity of the illness will be reduced due to the early detection of diseases or disorders.  


The telemedicine stethoscope eKuore Pro in present in some telemedicine French´s projects and pre-hospitalization emergencies. By a Emergencies telemedicine platform, doctors can check the previous diagnostic evaluation that the emergency team did. Nomadeec is a unique and intuitive tool for emergency report transmission and scheduled teleconsultation. The telemedicine platform enables nursing homes and health centers to reinforce the care of their residents or patients, within the framework of permanent care. Various acts of telemedecine can be carried out from the same tool :
  • Tele-consultation between patient and general practitioner conducted by the nursing staff of the requesting structure
  • Tele-expertise with specialist physicians (dermatologists, ophthalmologist, rheumatologist, neurologists…)
  • Tele-triage with dispatch centers by sending reports
Also, eKuore is present in others telemedicine projects that pretend transport healthcare access to remote areas, where the attention time is critical. In France, since 15th September 2018, the access to remote medical consultations and the access to digital prescriptions is a fact. Also, the state of France, refund the money. The eKuore telemedicine device is the ideal stethoscope for telehealth because it allows being integrated into third-party software by a Java class library (JRE 9).