eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope

Designed to make precise diagnostics while keeping healthcare professionals safe.

Imagine a wireless, remotely operated stethoscope capable of recording sounds, providing diagnostic interpretation, keeping patient records and helping reduce infections.
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World's first digital stethoscope

eKuore Medical Devices, since the company’s foundation in 2012, designed and develop the first digital stethoscope with smart devices connectivity, a pioneer in medical technology.

Remote auscultation

Beneficial during pandemics, providing a complete isolation between doctors and potentially infected patients.

Remote auscultation


Increased auscultation volume and sound quality

5 volume levels to improve your auscultation.

Increased auscultation volume and sound quality

Record and share

Get the phonogram on your smart device, store to the patient history file and share the recordings for a second opinion

Record and share

File and consult whenever you want

Long Battery Life

Cardiac and pulmonary sound filters

With three different filter modes, cardiac sounds, pulmonary sounds and wide range to aid diagnosis improving your auscultation experience

Cardiac and pulmonary sounds filter

What features would you ask for a 21st century stethoscope?

Expect more from your stethoscope

Heart and lung listening filters

Apply different listening filters directly on your digital stethoscope with a simple click

Heart and lung listening filters

Wirelessly save & share records through the APP

To monitor patient evolution

Wirelessly save & share records through the APP

WiFi secure wireless connection

Easy and safe connection to avoid information lost

WiFi secure wireless connection

Healthcare professionals across the five continents are transforming their practice, creating safer environments while improving diagnostics.

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What questions do we get asked the most by healthcare professionals?

Thanks to eKuore Pro filters, the sound quality considerably improves when isolating cardiac or pulmonary sounds.

It takes less than a minute to set up and connected to the APP.

One-time-only needed to be set up.

It eliminates the subjectivity of the diagnosis by allowing you to get a second opinion from a specialist consultant

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eKuore Pro APP

Easy to use, designed for intuitive navigation.

eKuore Pro APP for human health. Stores result for patient monitoring or directly share them with a colleague to get an immediate second opinion.

Special kits for training with digital stethoscopes

We develop wireless digital medical devices

To aid in clinical diagnostics and health services of any size.


eKuore Pro standard size chest piece (44 mm).


eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope.


USB Charging cable.

We know you don't have a minute to waste

For that reason, we have a dedicated team exclusively for health professionals to help you understand our innovative products and solve any doubts you may have.

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How digital medical devices are changing primary care medicine

Uses of the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope to reduce the risk of contagion during COVID-19.

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