The importance of support research and development in health evolution.

The hashtag #Apadriname (support me) was trending topic some weeks ago, and it gets our attention for the reclaim issue. A group of researchers “Ciencia con futuro (Science with future), with a jolly tone, report between social media, political and economic difficulties that our country is going through currently especially in research work. They confirm that cutting back its aids to science impede, among other things, progress in mhealth devices,  that make easier diagnosis and recovery from an illness. These complaints allow focussing on an optimistic perspective related the importance of mhealth development. Undoubtedly, technological evolution is necessary for essential areas as health field. We should be conscious that latest science and technologic always suggests advantages, making our future nearby. It is true that we are not going through the best situation in R&D field, but we can be proud of initiatives that many enterprises have carried through creating some devices that improve sanitary quality. One of them is Qualcomm a multinational that works in mhealth, its primary task is to integrate some medical devices in the same platform to change the way of living and working. Qualcomm In Spain, we have others companies that work day by day to integrate new technologies into the health field. Primum Health was created by telemedicine specialists. They develop technological solutions for the health field, though monitoring systems. This way makes easier the relation between both patients and sanitary assistance, thanks to monitoring and analyzing breaking spacial obstacles. Prmum eKuore is an innovative Enterprise, specialists creating medical devices that monitoring health and improving lifestyle quality, using new technologies. eKuore first product was the wireless stethoscope. This device allows record, play and share the auscultation with Smartphones or tablets. If you need further information to purchase or to distribute our product, you can buy the smart stethoscope here