Veterinarians: inexpensive tips to retain customers

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs seven times more than keeping existing ones? Working on your customers’ loyalty can bring a lot of benefits to your veterinary clinic. Studies reveal that retaining customers is one of the most challenging points for veterinarians. Are you ready to make your move? Here are some tips to enhance your customers’ loyalty.   1. Keep an exhaustive record of your pets clients. Track every single piece of information that you can. Build up a detailed database of your clients’ pets. The most information you record, the more attached your costumer will be to your clinic. Every time their pet needs a veterinary they will know that you got all the keys to help them. Don’t stick to the traditional record, make them unique. Take pictures of any anomalies you might observe and, if you own a digital stethoscope, keep recordings of their auscultations. It will help you in future diagnosis, but it will also show your clients that you really care for their pet’s health.   2. Keep in touch Ask for an email when a costumer steps into your consulting room for the first time. That will help you to stay in touch and to be able to remember them when they have to visit your surgery. Is there any health issues that owners should take into account before summer? Send an email to let them know. Haven’t your costumers checked the health of their pet in a long time? Remind them to visit you to make sure everything is on track. The more information you have on their record, the more precise you can be with your emails and the more useful information you can send to your clients to enhance their visit.   3. Make them understand their diagnosis “When owners understand the diagnosis, they understand the importance of the treatment and further procedures”, states the veterinary cardiologist Juan Carlos Jimenez. Are there anomalies on their heart rate? Play the auscultations of their pet out loud, make them visual through PCGs and even show them how it should be by comparing the auscultation of their pet with other auscultations of your library. It has been proved that clients have a higher value of the veterinarian practice when they understand the diagnosis and it makes them more receptive to invest in their animals’ health. These easy tips will make your clients returning customers. They are inexpensive techniques to add value to your consultations and to make sure that your clients come back to you instead of going to another veterinarian. Using these tips day-to-day, keeps the (competence) doctor away!