Medical devices that connect to the mobile

Can you imagine being able to connect medical devices with your mobile phone? Then we invite you to meet in a brief interview an entrepreneurial idea that is dedicated to developing this type of device.

What do you call yourself and what do you dedicate yourself to?

Our company is called Kukupia, and is dedicated to developing medical devices that connect to the mobile phone. Our first product is eKuore, the first wireless electronic stethoscope with connection to smartphone and audio equipment, which in addition to listening to the audio in a much more comfortable way, allows you to record it and share it later at any time. On the one hand, it is a very suitable tool for the field of telemedicine, where we aim to facilitate the life of both the professional and the chronically ill thanks to the possibility of sharing. On the other hand, it also has educational applications where we make the task of teaching as well as learning to perform auscultations much simpler thanks to the joint listening through audio equipment.

When did you start? How did the idea come about?

We were four founding partners that were college classmates in the University of Málaga in the career of Electronic Engineering. We had always been anxious to develop something of our own based on the performance of our profession. We detected that there was a huge potential in the field of mobile technologies. Nowadays, practically all of us have a high-performance phone with which we can download applications that do almost anything, but there are very few external peripherals that we can connect to the mobile and that extend its functionality. This idea, combined with the great potential that we saw in updating the tools used in medicine, was what made us jump into this field. In this way, in mid-2012 we began to shape the idea and started presenting ourselves to different contests and networks of entrepreneurs such as the Andalucía Emprende Foundation that gave us an office in the PTA of Malaga, the Spin-off of the University of Malaga that gave us the € 3,000 with which we founded the company, Project Minerva of the Junta de Andalucía and Vodafone that provided us with the knowledge bases on the business world and finally Lanzadera, thanks to which we have enriched our knowledge, expanded our network of contacts and obtained the necessary financing to carry out the project.  


How many people make up your team and what professional profiles?

Today the team consists of 6 people of different profiles such as hardware and software development, purchasing and supplier management, marketing and sales and administrative and financial and we have expectations to grow even more in the coming months.

What are your expectations?

On a first phase, we came out with eKuore for sales in March of this year for the veterinary market, where we are receiving a great acceptance. Soon we will enter the market of human medicine. All of this, of course, combined with the development of new medical devices also able to communicate with the latest mobile technologies, which are already working. We are visible in social media and we communicate all our activity and advances on, both Facebook and Twitter. Have you heard about eKuore? What do you think of this entrepreneurial idea? I await your comments.