Uses cases of digital stethoscope (III): Clinical sessions, professionals with hearing loss and telemedicine companies

#4 Objective exposure in clinical sessions:

Consult and display the auscultation. The digital stethoscope eKuore Pro allows doctors to bring the real auscultation to the clinical sessions. So it allows doctor to present the medical case at his colleagues. It contributes in a greater rigor and documentary value. Simultaneous listening. Digital stethoscope has the ability to reproduce auscultation by connecting a loud speaker so that all members of the clinical session can hear the auscultation at the same time and issue their deliberations. Case database. The registration of the different clinical cases allows physicians to create a sound database of each pathology and then compare them to contrast criteria and dissipate uncertainties. Advantages: – Facilitates a real exposure of the patient’s pathology. – Allows more objective clinical opinions. – Enables a more effective approach.  clinical sessions electronic stethoscope  

5# Solve hearing problem

Amplifies sound: the smart electronic stethoscope is extremely useful to practitioners who have hearing loss. Hearing loss, especially in the bass are produced along the aging. For this reason, Ekuore Pro allows amplification, gradually, of the sound picked up by auscultation. Resolving the hearing-impaired. Compatible with headphones. In the case of physicians who use hearing aids electronic stethoscope is handy since it can be used with headphones. There are headphones that cover the entire ear, it is not necessary to remove the headset to practice the auscultation. Professionals with cochlear implant are able to connect digital stethoscope by Jack output. Advantages: -Gradual amplification of the sound according to the need for hearing. -Compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants. hearing loss problem ekuore pro stethosocpe  

#6 Consultations and home hospitalization

Lightweight and portable.  The smart digital stethoscope is an instrument that contributes to the development of ambulatory medicine at home. It is a lightweight (150gr) and portable device (13cm) that allows the professional to obtain a high diagnostic capacity in their commuting WIFI connection. Digital stethoscope allows doctor do the auscultation, record it and send it to specialist thanks to the WIFI connection between stethoscope and smartphone. Self-care. The patient himself or his career, with the precise indications, can also realize the auscultation and send it to the doctor. Advantages: – It is a light and portable instrument with great resolution. – It allows sending the auscultation to the doctor by WIFI – It can be used by a healthcare technician, a patient and a caregiver. home nurser electronic stethoscope

#7 Telemedicine

Teleconsultation: The intelligent digital stethoscope is a very useful tool for companies that perform telemedicine. The doctor can direct the auscultation from the clinic. He can receive the test record, reproduce it and diagnose in real time. API Integration. Companies can integrate the electronic stethoscope into their platform using an API. In this way the functionalities of the device interoperate directly with the company’s system. Advantages: – Allows remote consultation (teleconsultation). – Integrates into the company’s ERP through an API.