Use cases of the digital stethoscope (I) : Gp, pediatricians & private clinics

The smart digital stethoscope  eKuore Pro  integrates into the sanitary system like a tool of big utility for the different specialists and health care lines. Its multiple functions in the field of the auscultation allow to the professional to realize diagnoses with major effectiveness and precision. Its versatility makes possible to use the digital stethoscope as an advance in the control and follow-up of the patient. Also, the digital stethoscope eKuore Pro means an advance in telemedicine.

Integration and benefits of the digital stethoscope for medical specialties:

#1 General practitioner and primary care professionals: What benefit does the eKuore Pro digital stethoscope offer  to them?

The intelligent digital stethoscope is a very useful tool that supports the work of the primary care professionals. The functions of the digital stethoscope allow to general practitioner:
  • A major agility and precision in the diagnosis. For its simplicity in the handling and its resolution. Also, it offers a definite and adjustable sound, as well as to obtain the second immediate opinion of a specialist because it allows to share and to send the auscultation.
  • Interdepartmental derivation: the doctor of primary can record and send the auscultation to the specialist with the electronic stethoscope. Adding a quality element to the process.
  • To avoid home visits. The nurse or assistant can come over to the patient domicile and realize the auscultation under the indications of the doctor and send it to him. Avoiding the displacement and improving the efficiency of the system.
  • To improve the follow-up of its patients: general practitioner can record and register the auscultation, with the electronic stethoscope, in the patient health file. With it, doctor can check in the record the auscultation in newt visit or chronic patient.
  • The eKuore Pro amplifies the sound and records the auscultation. Also it is possible to send it to another physician.
digital stethoscope general practicians

#2 Pediatricians & digital stethoscope

The digital stethoscope brings many benefits to the pediatricians. From the point of view of clinical progress up to the reinforcement of the marketing in clinics and consultations:
  • To share the auscultation with parents: the pediatrician can share with parents the auscultation in alive thanks to digital stethoscope functions: simultaneous listening by an external loudspeaker.
  • Parent participation in the auscultation: the electronic stethoscope is wireless. Under the indications of the pediatrician the parents can apply the stethoscope to the child. Well for proper will to share the act with their son well to avoid situations of fear or nerves. Much adapted especially for the pediatric patients who remain in its domicile.
  • It fits to the children: the digital eKuore Stethoscope includes different interchangeable bells. Between them the pediatric one and the neonatal. Specific for a correct auscultation of these patients.
  • To deliver the record to the parents like a remembering: the pediatrician, by the electronic stethoscope, is able to deliver to parents the sonorous record of their son heart beats as a memory. Bringing the consultation a big extra value.
  • Precision in the diagnosis: the ekuore Pro allows to discriminate with a click between the auscultation of cardio pulmonary sounds. The intelligent digital stethoscope applies a specific filter directed to auscultate with clarity two types of sounds. In case of the pediatric patients it is a key tool. Since for their early age and immaturity they are not capable of expressing with correction their ailments to the doctor.
  • The second immediate opinion: the pediatricians can obtain the second immediate opinion from another physician in case of doubt or if they will to contrast their criterion. Thanks to the fact that the digital stethoscope allows the simultaneous listening and the sending to other devices.
digital stethoscope paedeatrician

#3 Consultations and private Clinics: How does the digital stethoscope eKuore Pro help them to differentiate?

The intelligent digital ekuore stethoscope is a technological tool of simple, multifunctional and modern use. It allows the centers and consultations to penetrate into the avant-garde of the medicine:
  • It improves the telemedicine: the consultations and clinics with the digital stethoscope can attend to the patients from any point, even to domicile. The eKuore Pro is a wireless, portable, simple and light device. Nevertheless, it maintains all the functionalities that make the progress possible in the auscultation, in the record and in the follow-up of the patient.
  • It improves the efficiency: the clinic or consultation thanks to the electronic stethoscope can optimize its resources. With diagnoses more precise that favor the resolution. Also the human resources are optimized too, because the nurses are able to do the auscultation and then they can record it and send it to doctor for his diagnosis.
  • It improves the image: the use of a modern device like the electronic stethoscope denotes to the patients that they are being attended by pioneering technology.
  • Tele-consultation: the electronic stethoscope allows doctor assistant to do the auscultation and send him the auscultations. So, he is able to realize the diagnoses in real-time from his consultation. It contributes to the development and promotion of the teleconsultation.
In conclusion the Smart digital stethoscope eKuore Pro supposes a big advantage for the professionals and health centers.