Uses Cases of the digital stethoscope (II): Cardiologist, Neumologist, resident doctors and Universities

eKuore electronic stethoscope allows to reinforce the job of different health specialists and clinical cases. The ekuore Pro is a simple, modern and effective tool that facilitates professionals to hold in their hands (and coat pocket) a magnificent device. Among all the specialists and assistance cases, let’s start by:

# 1 Cardiologist: Advantages to use the digital stethoscope eKuore Pro.

Cardiac filter + phonocardiogram: It incorporates a filter for the heartbeat sounds due to the Ekuore Pro stethoscope and its APP, it also facilitates the listening of the heart, allowing to consult the phonocardiogram. This is why the auscultation is more than an objective test and it offers a greater solve capacity at the first consultation. Reduce of unnecessary visits: It avoids scheduling a test and for some cases, the use of more complex equipment, such as echocardiography. For example, general practitioners consider auscultation just in case of doubts and the cardiologist may detect in advance if it is a heart’s blow. Advantages:
  • Reduce clinical times and improve the care of the patients.
  • Avoid consultations and complex tests.
  • It can be recorded and played as many times as necessary.
  • Registered in the patient’s history for a control process.
 cardiologist digital stethoscope

#2 Neumologist: Benefits to use the electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro

Pulmonary filter: Digital stethoscope, with its filter to the sounds coming from the different structures of the respiratory tree, is a key tool for the auscultation of the respiratory diseases. It promotes a clear listening which allows the pulmonologist differentiate adventitious abnormal noises, as well as in the case of weak breath sounds. Ease of use: With a click, the electronic stethoscope applies the filter focusing on the proper characteristics of the sounds of the airways and lungs. It is an advanced and focused technology on the essence of the semiology of its specialty. Advantages:
  • Technological instrument that facilitates listening giving higher resolution.
  • Sending the test to other specialist and/or contrasting with a second opinion. As for example in the case of a blow of the heart.
  • Recorded auscultation in medical history and improvement the follow-up of the patient.
  • Recovers and plays the sounds of each test for their subsequent playback and comparison.
Neumologist ekuore pro stethosocpe

#3 Resident doctors and universities use Teaching kit eKuore Pro stethoscope to improve learning

Learning improvement: The electronic stethoscope is a powerful tool to universities, learning centers and medicine, nursery and other health discipline students. Its multiple functions improve the learning in the detection of the different pathologies through auscultation. Simultaneous listening: It allows simultaneous listening by loudspeaker, facilitating the teaching of the teacher and the student’s learning. BBDD Pathological sounds: The digital stethoscope makes possible to create a sound’ data base identifying diseases with different registers of the auscultations, so that the students can keep them, play them and learn to identify them. residents doctors university stethoscope Advantages:
  • It is a modern and avant-garde teaching tool that facilitates teaching and learning.
  • It generates a valuable data base sound for the student.
  • Improves the way of teaching the group of students simultaneously.