Veterinary Cardiology: Is it possible to get early detection of a cardiopathy?

Montse Rabanal – Veterinary Cardiology – Veterinary ECG Clinical reviews, for example, in an examination before vaccination, meticulous auscultation can bring relevant information that shows the appearance of a cardiopathy. Dog-Breed-veterinary-cardiology In puppies (especially some breeds) detect a heart murmur is fundamental, even being asymptomatic, is always recommended to make a Doppler echocardiography to examine the heart. Some breeds with cardiopathies genetic predisposition, as Dobermann with dilated cardiomyopathy, the solutions will be identify signs in echocardiography. In Cavalier King Charles spaniel, detail auscultation in puppies can locate a systolic heart murmur associated with mitral valve prolapse. In degenerative valve diseases are very important to identify the Systolic mitral heart murmur in their initial stage to follow – up the patient progression. The correct treatment for every phase of this valvular heart disease allows keeping, in most cases, stables more time than that dogs that don´t receive treatment and control. Related post: Veterinary cardiology: How to tackle a cardiopathy diagnosis? Veterinary cardiology: Why is it useful to record your auscultations? Veterinary cardiology: To which patients should we pay more attention in the evaluation of cardiac processes?