Why use mHealth?

mHealth is a term that is current in the world of medicine, a revolutionary concept that is having great acceptance in the Western world. More and more people are using it in their day-to-day lives. But, what does Mhealth mean? Mhealth, short for “Mobile Health”, is, as its name suggests, a way of integrating technology through mobile solutions to the healthcare sector, where information management in the health field is available to both healthcare professionals and patients. Through this revolutionary system, it is possible to obtain information of interest on any aspect of the patient’s health, to appointment reminders and follow-up of curative treatments. There are many benefits for both healthcare assistants and patients. In the following list we have elaborated the advantages offered by this innovative concept. 1- Information Information is essential to solve any obstacle, and in medicine this aspect is crucial to improve the health of the patient. Thanks to knowledge, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a disease is facilitated more effectively. The new technologies, and specifically the Mhealth, promote the universalization of health care, contributing to patient participation. An informed patient becomes the protagonist and manager of their health, facilitating self-care by complying with the treatment dictated by the doctor. 2- Accessibility Data collected in different studies determine that in Spain 55.2% of the population has a Smartphone. This facilitates the accessibility to the health service, which is increased by the use of these devices that are increasingly present in the day to day of society. Physical barriers are broken, in which chronic patients can take control and monitor their disease from any corner of the planet. Thanks to Mhealth, patients can travel anywhere without neglecting their health. 3- Instantaneity It is one of the most favorable advantages when it comes to using technology to monitor a disease. Mhealth instantly provides all the information relevant to health care. At any time the patient can monitor their vital signs to know the state of their health without the need to wait for results to be able to take action. It optimizes the time available to doctors and therefore contributes to improving health care. 4- Communication A new means of communication between patients and health personnel is established. The borders between both are narrow thanks to sharing the information in a safe and immediate way. This communication is established more quickly and as effectively as if the patient (or relatives or caregivers) had a face-to-face appointment with their doctor. This communication instantly provides a more immediate diagnosis and therefore a greater speed in determining a treatment to follow. 5- Reliability There is great efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to trusting the results obtained in mobile applications. They are reliable, scientifically proven systems offering optimal results for an improvement in the treatment of any disease. 6- Reduction of hospital expenses It has been demonstrated that the use of Mhealth considerably reduces hospital admissions, and therefore there is a reduction in healthcare expenses. Through the ekuore Pro electronic stethoscope, we help reduce costs. The fact that the patient himself continues to control his disease prevents hospitalizations that can be avoided if treatment is followed and followed.