Your dog, ready for the holidays

Prepara a tu perro para las vacaciones

Prepare your dog for the holidays

The months of July and August arrive, the holidays for the family, and our dog is one more, so we must prepare it because it will have more activity than in winter, it will be more in contact with other dogs and in other environments, such as beach or the mountain, which are not their day to day. Therefore, he will be more exposed to contracting a disease, because mosquitoes on the beach are very harmful in transmitting viruses to your pet, changes in temperature can also cause heat stroke and fever. Thus, we have to prepare our dog for the holidays, with simple measures of prevention, which begin by buying the collar against the parvovirus, which will allow him not to be bitten by any mosquitoes from the coastal areas. It is important a visit to the veterinarian, with a check-up that leaves us calm about any small wound or ailment that will not be enlarged during the holidays, when he will exercise more and spend more time outdoors. It is very important to also review all their documentation as a passport if we want to travel, and a veterinarian’s card. In doing all these reviews it does not take hardly any time and it can avoid a serious problem. Our dogs, like us, like good weather and enjoy the outdoors and life. Basic care and prevention will allow us to have that dose of tranquility in the health of our dog, which surely will know how to thank us.